Daily Freebies

July 23rd, 2014

Trip Advisor (TRIP) bullish spread for earnings bought 600 August $110 calls and sold 400 September $95 puts, a trade that cost $93,000 to put on, and looking for a breakout of this cup and handle pattern. A spread like this into earnings typically a good signal.

Apple (AAPL) making a strong post-earnings move and trading 670,000 calls to 300,000 puts just an hour into the day, big buyers highlighted this morning on September $105 calls at $0.70 up to $0.85 with more than 30,000 now trading. AAPL call premium bought is at $9M right now, extremely high, and a +4.4M Net Delta, one of the highest readings I've seen intraday in any name.

AngioDynamics (ANGO) buyer of 1,000 October $15/$12.50 bull risk reversals $1.10 debit into earnings and also 1,000 January 2015 $17.50 OTM calls opening $1.20 to $1.35. ANGO closed lower last report after closing higher the prior 3. The $528M medical device Co. trades 37.25X Earnings, 0.98X Book and 1.5X Sales with double digit EPS growth. Canaccord upgraded to Buy with a $20 target on 6-19.

Atmel (ATML) big buyers stepping in for 7,000+ August $9 calls $0.50 offers ahead of 8/6 earnings

July 22nd, 2014

Baidu (BIDU) August $200 calls sell to close 7,800X at $8.225 and the August $220 calls buy to open 15,000X at $2.475, taking a lot off the table into earnings on 7/24, but still long a significant position

Darden (DRI) August $44 calls buy 2,000X to open at $1 offer with stock on LOD

TE Connectivity (TEL) opening buy of 2,050 October $70 calls with stock at $64.80, and ahead of 7/23 earnings, buyers paying $0.65 for the calls and a Swiss-domiciled Co. that may be a tax inversion target

Anadarko Petro (APC) January 2016 $160 calls bought to open 7,500X around $1.50 with shares at $109, expecting major upside in this name and we have seen constant upside call buying

July 21st, 2014

Baidu.com (BIDU) shares very strong today breaking to new highs ahead of earnings, a top set-up into the week, and today a trader closes out 3,750 September $185 calls at $18.75 but stays bullish buying 3,000 December $200 calls at $17.55. BIDU also saw plenty of upside call buying last week.

InterXion (INXN) trading 20X daily calls as 1,300 October $30 calls are bought $0.55 to $0.60, looking to add to 2,764 in OI that were bought recently. The $1.88B data center Co. trades 29X Earnings, 4.4X Sales and 3.45X Book with 20% EPS growth, and as a Netherlands domiciled Co. it could make for a tax inversion takeover target.

Twitter (TWTR) shares put in a hammer on Friday that re-tested its key breakout from June, and now look positioned to rally into 7/29 earnings. Traders are active in the first 30 minutes with 7,500 August $42 calls trading, large block buys near $1.05 account for most of the action in a large sweep. TWTR shares should be able to make a run back to $42.50 highs and may move with Facebook (FB) results this week. The $21.86B Co. trades 140X Earnings, still in the early stages of monetization and the key is user engagement, and recent moves with Ads should boost results, also helped by the World Cup. On 6-26 Barclays started coverage at Overweight with a $46 target, and on 5-29 Cantor Fitzgerald upgraded to Buy.

Lannett Co. (LCI) spread sold 1,200 August $35 puts $1.20 and bought 1,200 September $40/$50 call spreads at $2 into recent weakness, a very bullish signal

July 18th, 2014

 Terex (TEX) buyer of 1,000 August $40 calls at $1 offer, stock back near support, and one of the cheaper value names at 10.6X Earnings, 0.6X Sales and 1.95X Book with 25%+ EPS growth, earnings on 7/23.

Schlumberger (SLB) with a big buy of 5,000 Jan. 2016 $135/$165 call spreads at $3.35, shares recovering off lows after posting another solid quarter

NiSource (NI) trading 10X daily calls as 13,000 August $41 calls are bought at $0.25 to $0.30 offers and 30 day IV jumps more than 25%. NI has been a tease before, but seen as an acquisition target with an uptick in Utility M&A lately

JinkoSolar (JKS) trading 1.5X daily calls as 2,000 August $30 calls are bought to open $1.15 offer in a large sweep, shares forming an inverse H&S bottom.

July 17th, 2014

FMC Tech (FTI) with a buyer of 6,250 January 2015 $67.50 calls at $1.85 to $1.90 right into the bell. FTI shares are flagging below new highs and the $14.23B Co. will report on 7/22, trading 18.15X Earnings, 1.95X Sales, and 25.7X FCF with above-average EPS growth. On 7-15 SIG boosted its target to $72 and on 4-25 CMO Capital raised shares to Outperform with a $75 target.

Weatherford (WFT) trading 5,500+ January 2015 $26/$20 bull risk reversals

Ulta Salon (ULTA) with an unusual spread 3,000X as the December $105 calls were sold to open at $2.55, and September $85 puts bought at $3.60, potentially a collar on a long stock holding, but the way retail has been weak, could be a large bearish risk reversal playing for new lows.

BlackBerry (BBRY) with 20,000 of the September $12 calls seeing action, buyers pay $0.25 up to $0.29

July 16th, 2014

Envision Healthcare (EVHC) unusual buys of 1,000 August $35 calls at $1.70 to $1.85. EVHC can be seen to have a positive read-through from the HCA Corp (HCA) guidance, and a fairly attractive growth story trading 23.85X Earnings and 3.79X Book, also potential for it to separate it's multiple business units to unlock shareholder value.

21st Century Fox (FOXA) shares pulling back 2.1% after Time Warner (TWX) snubbed a takeover deal and will likely have to pay a much higher price. Into weakness a trade sells 15,000 October $33 puts at $0.85 and buys 10,000 October $36 calls at $1, so the overall view on FOXA remains very bullish. 21st Century Fox (FOXA) now trades 20,000 January 2016 $40/$28 bull risk reversals at $0.35 debit

Mid-Caps (MDY) near day lows and 10,000 August $250/$235 put spreads buy at $1.45

Macquarie Infrastructure (MIC) with a big move recently and today a buyer of 5,000 October $75 calls at $1 to open, trade is 25X daily call average. On 7-7 MIC spent $910M to acquire the remaining 50% stake of International-Matex Tank Terminals and the market cheered the deal. MIC day highs since call buy earlier and now 5,000 October $75/$65 bull risk reversals trade for a $0.30 credit.

July 15th, 2014

Motorola Solutions (MSI) breaking down and 3,500 August $65 puts bought to open $1.48 to $1.55, earnings on 8/5, and a name with 13,920 January 2015 $60 puts bought to open recently.

Valero (VLO) January 2015 $55 calls bought 4,500X at $2.41 offers, more than $1.2M call premium purchased

Cerner (CERN) shares move off day lows as 2,000 September $55 calls are bought to open at $1.05 to $1.15 on the offer, and follows action recently that bought 5,000 of the August $55 calls, a name considered by some to be a potential buyout target for IBM or Oracle.

Deere (DE) buyer of 4,800 Sep. $87.5/$82.5 put spreads at $1.26 vs. long stock buy

July 14th, 2014

Mellanox Tech (MLNX) opening buy of 1,500 September $35 calls at $3.50, large order with shares strong this morning, and more than 2,500 in September $38 call OI from former large buys as well, earnings 7/24.

Colgate (CL) breaking to new highs and the August $72.50 calls hot again with more than 8,000 bought, a name with size in the Aug. 70 and 72.50 call OI already from former large buys

Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) forming a long consolidation flag, and today a trader buys 3,500 August $49 calls $1.75 and closes out the July $47 calls at $1.90, ahead of earnings on 7/17, and SWKS already pre-announced strong numbers.

Sun Edison (SUNE) buyer of 5,000 January 2016 $25/$35 call spreads at $3

July 11th, 2014

Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) trading 1.7% higher on rumors it may be an activist target, and holding onto the move well with 30 day IV climbing nearly 30%, and trading 37,000 calls, 7X average and some large buys in the July $59 calls at $0.86 to $1.15, and also August $60 calls trading 8,000X including a big buyer of 4,000+ at $1.10, so not the average speculator bets, real size involved here. BBBY has seen plenty of former positioning since the move to new lows to suggest it may be a target, most notable the 6/27 Jan. 2015 $60/$52.50 bull risk reversals that opened for more than 4,000X.

Zeltiq (ZLTQ) trying to form a weekly hammer reversal above its 50 week EMA and trading 13X daily calls today as August $15 calls are bought to open $0.95 to $1.20 for 3,500 contracts. ZLTQ reports in late July and shares closed lower the last two reports after closing 32% and 40% higher the prior two reports. The $518M Co. makes fat-reduction non-invasive devices and trades 4.23X Sales, set to nearly turn a profit this year.

InterContinental Exchange (ICE) opening trade for 2,000 December $195/$170 bull risk reversals at a $0.20 debit, another bullish risk reversal for ICE as it tried to bottom.

Sun Edison (SUNE) with big opening buys of 5,000 July 25th (W) $24.50 calls at $0.75 offers. Sun Edison (SUNE) August 1 (W) $24.50 calls with buyers now as well for 4,050 contracts

July 10th, 2014

Abbott Labs (ABT) buyer of 9,000 August $41 calls at $0.92 as the July $41 calls close 10,500X at $0.62, staying bullish and extending despite earnings coming next week on 7/16

Teradyne (TER) strong move off 20 EMA today and 6,250 August $20 calls are bought at $0.85 as the July $20 calls close at $0.35.

Celgene (CELG) July 25th (W) $88.75 calls bought 2,000X to open for 7/24 earnings

Barnes and Noble (BKS) rallying as 4,000 January 2016 $22 calls are bought at $5.70, already more than 15,000 in OI from large buys recently

July 9th, 2014

Morgan Stanley (MS) tested near $31.50 support again and held, the August $32 calls active with 5,000 bought to open today at $0.84/$0.85, ahead of 7/17 earnings, and the name among the big Banks seeing consistent upside bullish bets.

EnCana (ECA) buyer of 6,250 January 2015 $23 calls at $1.60, closes same number of July $22 calls at $0.55

Adobe (ADBE) buyer of 4,150 August $67.50 puts $0.80 as stock nears a move into the large earnings gap below

Sun Edison (SUNE) buyer of 5,000 October $24/$28 call spreads at $1

Linear Tech (LLTC) breaking out past multi-week highs today and late day buyers of 10,000 August $50 calls at $0.45/$0.50 on the PHLX, opening upside plays with earnings expected around 7/22. On 5/7 LLTC with a buyer of 5,000 August $44 calls at $1.95, and that remains in OI. LLTC also with a buyer of 5,000 August $47 calls at $1.15 on 5-8 and remains in OI.

July 8th, 2014

Calpine (CPN) gaining 2.5% with Utilities a strong group on the flight to safety and trading 7,230 calls, 10X average with 95% offer side, the January 2015 $20 calls bought 3,300X at $3.70 and $21 calls 2,740X at $2.90, large opening buys.

Ally Financial (ALLY) back near lows and 5,000 December $25/$22 bull risk reversals trade for a $0.10 debit, a recent popular strategy in December options for ALLY

Delta (DAL) trading 37,000 calls into weakness the first 90 minutes, big buyers of calls as 12,000 July $36 calls now trade to open near $0.70

Beazer Homes (BZH) buyer of 2,500 August $19 calls $1.55 as shares pull back to prior breakout and trend support

July 7th, 2014

United Therapeutics (UTHR) with a bullish spread in November as 1,000 $75 puts are sold to open at $2.45 to $2.60, and the $100/$130 call spread bought 1,000X at $5.85

Coca Cola Enterprise (CCE) buyer of 1,800 August $49 calls at $0.95 to $1 to open, earnings on 7/24 with shares near a new high.

Freeport (FCX) seeing more bullish action in September with 5,000 of the September $39 calls bought in the first 90 minutes of trading with traders paying $1.38 to $1.42 offers for more than $570K call premium bought

KLA Tencor (KLAC) buyers of 3,500 July $75 calls $1.30 offer into SEMICON. KLAC also could be a mover on Samsung update and Intel (INTC) earnings. KLAC was an Option Radar highlight on 6-10 when 2,150 Jan. 2015 $80 calls bought to open, and action remains very bullish.

July 3rd, 2014

Joy Global (JOY) rallying as 1,750 August $62.50 calls are bought to open at $1.48 to $1.50 and 550 July 25th (W) $60.50 calls at $2.17 to 2.20. Coal names have been turning around which typically translates into JOY moving higher, and also always the potential for M&A in this name.

Qualcomm (QCOM) ITM October $77.50 calls bought 3,850X into this strength

Morgan Stanley (MS) will report on 7/17 and August $33 calls hot this morning with 2,900 bought, trading 73% of its 4,355 calls the first 30 minutes on the offer

July 2nd, 2014

Akorn (AKRX) unusual opening buys of 1,800 September $40 calls at $0.70 to $0.75, a name that has been hot and generic M&A expected

Tenaris (TS) with 3,000 September $50 calls bought today at $0.90, trading 16X daily and 30 day IV up 13.7%, and this after 1,900 August $50 calls bought to open yesterday. The $27.65B Steel Pipe Co. trades 14.93X Earnings, 2.63X Sales and 2.18X Book with a 2.56% yield and 8-12% EPS growth.

Penn Virginia (PVA) August $17 calls bought to open 3,500X at $1.31 to $1.33 as July $16 calls close, a name that Soros is pushing to sell itself

Noble Energy (NBL) opening buy of 5,160 November $77.50 calls at $3.75, stock replacement

June 30th, 2014

Cameron (CAM) trading 2,000 Jan. 2016 $80/$57.50 bull risk reversals, 5th largest holding at JANA Partners

Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) looking to take out recent highs and trades 10X daily calls as 2,390 October $90 calls are bought to open at the $1 offer at the CBOE, bullish action, and a name seen to be selling assets this year.

Expedia (EXPE) buyer of 2,750 August $85 calls at $2.40 offer after large October $95 call buys last week, bullish action continues

Apple (AAPL) September $105 calls bought in size lots early with 8,000 trading first 5 minutes at $0.80. AAPL traders now paying $0.85 for the Sep. $100 calls with another 4,000 bought.

June 27th, 2014

Take Two (TTWO) trades 2,500 January 2016 $25/$17 bull risk reversals to open at a $1.25 debit, longer term bullish outlook with a strong recovery underway in video games

E-Trade (ETFC) opening buys of 2,500 August $20 calls at $1.85 to $1.90, bullish action with shares coiled back and looking to make another run at the $22 level for a break to $23.

Bio Delivery (BDSI) buyers of 4,000 July $12.50 calls at $1.05 to $1.15 as 1,500 of the $10 calls close

King Digital (KING) now trading 5,000 July $18 calls at $0.40 to $0.60 offers with 30 day IV climbing 16.5% in the first 45 minutes of trading

June 26th, 2014

Dish Network (DISH) with 2,000 of the July 3 (W) $64 calls bought to open $1.15 to $1.30, and also the August $65/$60 bull risk reversal trades 2,000X to open at a $1 debit.

Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) with 4,000 July $45 calls bought at $0.80 as IV jumps sharply, shares still basing from the earnings weakness, and already 6,873 in OI for these calls from a buyer of 5,000 in late May

Dresser Rand (DRC) large buy of 7,500 July $65 calls at $0.50, a name long considered a buyout target since the Lufkin (LUFK) deal

Barnes and Noble (BKS) trades 5,000 January 2016 $22 calls $5.10, mid-market, and over 8,000 of these recently bought to open, will confirm OI change tomorrow. Barnes and Noble (BKS) also trades 5,000 January 2015 $24/$20 bull risk reversals to open at $0.70 debit.

June 25th, 2014

JP Morgan (JPM) strong bounce off its 20 day EMA and 4,932 August 1st (W) $57 calls are bought to open $1.14, rolled from this week $56.50 calls closed at $0.93, and earnings due out on 7/15

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) November $90 calls bought 5,500X to open at $0.78 in one block, trading more than 6,500X

Halliburton (HAL) July $70 calls being bought in size to open here as 5,500 trade $1.18 offer with Schlumberger (SLB) shares rallying sharply today after providing guidance at a conference

YUM Brands (YUM) trade closes 4,000 July $72.50 calls with shares breaking out to new highs and opens the January 2015 $82.5/$75 bull risk reversal 2,000X2,500

June 24th, 2014

International Gaming (IGT) buyer of 3,550 August $16 calls $1.40, closes 5,000 July $16 calls $0.80, expecting the buyout to take some more time

Raptor Pharma (RPTP) aggressive buyer of 1,500 February 2015 $15 calls at $2.65 to $2.70 to open in a sweep

Walgreen (WAG) with the October $72.50 calls sold to close 61,685X at $4.13 and August $72.50 calls bought to open 68,000X at $3.10 offer with shares off 2% on earnings. Earlier the August $85 calls bought to open 10,000X, and seen as a tax inversion play for the eventual Alliance Boots full takeover.

General Motors (GM) opening buys of more than 8,000 August 1st (W) $37.50 calls at $0.82, earnings date is 7/24

Hess (HES) shares down 1.9% with Energy weak but August $105 calls hot today with more than 5,500 bought at $0.51

Chico's (CHS) with a sharp rise in IV as more than 5,000 July $18 calls are bought to open at $0.20 offers. On 6/9 FT reported that Chico's held talks with Private Equity firms regarding a buyout.

June 23rd, 2014

Deere (DE) quietly trading 700 December $95/$87.50 bull risk reversals

Vertex Pharma (VRTX) buyer of 3,000 July $90/$105 call spreads at $2.20 ahead of expected key Phase 3 data that may come as soon as this week

Perrigo (PRGO) opening buys of 1,050 August $155 calls at $2.90 offer

Oracle (ORCL) with a buyer of 5,000 January $42 straddles at $5.27

June 20th, 2014

Dollar General (DG) large covered bullish risk reversal, sold 5,000 January 2015 $57.50 puts to open $2.80/$2.85 and bought 5,000 January 2015 $62.5/$70 call spreads to open at $3.10.

Emerson Electric (EMR) with 5,000 September $70 calls bought to open at $1.30 after recent July call accumulating, bullish action with shares set to break out on the weekly, a name that could make an acquisition

Goodrich Petro (GDP) buyer of 5,000 September $27.50 calls at $4.70 offer, a strike that has seen prior accumulation, as trader closes 5,000 June $22.50 calls at $6.45

Molson (TAP) more bullish action, single buyer of 1,000 October $80 calls at $2.20 and October $77.50 calls bought 700X at $3 offers

June 19th, 2014

Move Inc (MOVE) with 1,500 July $15 calls bought to open at $1 to $1.10, rumors that Trulia (TRLA) may take it over earlier this week at $18/share, and makes some sense with prior positioning seen.

Assured Guaranty (AGO) October $27/$31 call spread bought 10,000X at $1.19 as 12,500 of the July $26 calls are sold to close, also the July $27 calls bought to open 8,000X in a block at $0.59/$0.60

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI) fighting back from the short-seller research that hit shares and a large spread today should confirm the lows are in, July $65 puts sold to open 1,500X at $0.75 and the October $70/$82.50 call spread bought 1,500X at $4.65

Michael Kors (KORS) weak with Coach (COH), though that rationale makes little sense, and the July $90 puts are sold to open 11,500X at $3.30, rolled from June

June 18th, 2014

Wendy's (WEN) November $9/$8 bull risk reversal opened 2,500X at $0.05 debit with shares moving nicely out of a base. WEN based on its 50 week EMA and now moving out above the 20 week EMA. The $3.07B restaurant trades 21.2X earnings, 1.28X Sales, and 1.85X Book with a 2.39% yield and double digit EPS growth. WEN also has 14.1% of its float short, though a collar on a short would not make a lot of sense using these strikes, and looks to be an outright bullish play. Argus recently downgraded WEN with a lowered $8.50 target. WEN is the 5th largest holding for Trian Fund.

Soda Stream (SODA) 30 day IV jumping 12% this afternoon with shares climbing, trading 9,375 calls, 2X daily, notable buying of 4,000+ October $45 calls to open at $1.50 to $1.70

China CSI 300 ETF (ASHR) with 7,000 October $22 calls bought to open at $1.40 to $1.60, trading 75X daily calls, unusual activity. ASHR has based for awhile above the $21.50 level and looking to rally. ASHR's top holdings include Ping An Insurance, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, Haitong, and Gree Electric Appliances.

Autodesk (ADSK) traders attacking July $60 calls today with more than 8,000 bought, shares up after the Adobe (ADBE) report and Architecture Billings Index surged, already size in July $55 call OI above 16,750

June 17th, 2014

Affymetrix (AFFX) opening buys of 4,500 November $7.50 calls at $2.20 to $2.65, strong ITM action, and a name with sizable August $10/$5 bull risk reversals in OI. AFFX shares have been rallying off the April lows and looking for 5 year highs and a move into double digits. The $635M maker of products for the life sciences industry trades 51X earnings, 1.89X Sales and 2.38X Book with double digit EPS growth. On 5-5 Leerink boosted its target to $7.50.

Molina Health (MOH) trading 60X daily calls as 3,000 June $40 calls are sold to close at $4 and 3,000 December $45 calls bought to open at $2.20. MOH has a $2B market cap in a managed care industry seeing consolidation, and at 15.88X earnings, 2.26X Book and 7.4X FCF, it could be a deal name.

Amazon.com (AMZN) massive opening sale of 12,640 January 2015 $285 puts at $13.15 at the PHLX, tied to some large blocks of stock buying the day low as well

Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) opening buys of 1,350 September $40- puts at $3.30 to $3.50, second day of put buying into strength, shares running into $45 resistance today

June 16th, 2014

St. Jude Medical (STJ) buyers of 2,600 July $70 calls at $0.65 with more than 11,600 already in OI from buys, a large medical device Co. that could also be active in M&A

Center Point Energy (CNP) size buyers of 8,500 July $25 calls at $0.25 to $0.40 in early trade after shares were upgraded at BMO this morning.

Chicago Bridge (CBI) a buyer of 1,000 July $77.50 calls at $1.30, name has been extremely weak, but noted as a potential tax inversion takeover name this morning

Yahoo (YHOO) with 1,250 July 3rd (W) $35 calls and 4,900 of the $35.50 calls bought to open the first 10 minutes of trading with shares down 5.5%

June 13th, 2014

Uranium (URA) opening sales of 7,000 October $14 puts at $0.80 today an interesting trade, has nice support at $14

Web-MD (WBMD) moving nicely off a strong weekly base above its 50 week rising EMA, and the September $50 calls are bought 1,090X to open this morning, trading 5X daily calls. The $1.73B Co. trades 38.35X earnings and 3.2X Sales, but if Internet names start to see more M&A, it is a likely candidate as a niche player. WBMD also has 26.3% of its float short.

Microsoft (MSFT) strong after Intel guidance and opening buyers active for nearly 10,000 June $41.50 calls in the first 45 minutes of trading. Microsoft (MSFT) large buyers in August $43 calls with 18,000 trading $0.68 to $0.70

Cummins (CMI) trading 4,725 puts the first hour, already 3X daily and 82% offer side for over $600K put premium purchased, bearish action in June and July $155 puts.

June 12th, 2014

Dollar General (DG) action heating up as more than 10,000 August $67.50 calls are bought to open at $0.60 to $0.70. DG briefly jumped to a record high after Icahn disclosed plans to push for Family Dollar (FDO) to seek a merger, but since have pulled back to nearly filling its gap.

Alaska Air (ALK) shares 4.28% lower, down with the rest of the airlines, but July $95 calls actively bought 3,000X with over 5,000 in OI, looking for a recovery. ALK announced a 2:1 split this morning.

YRC Worldwide (YRCW) shares jumped with 2,500 January 2016 $25/$17.50 bull risk reversals opened at $2.40, already has the 5,000 $25/$15 bull risk reversals in OI.

Apple (AAPL) April 2015 $110/$130 call spread bought 10,000X at $1.91

June 11th, 2014

Allergan (AGN) January 2015 $180/$145 bull risk reversals opened 2,000X today at $1 debits, positioning for upside in shares whether this Valeant (VRX) deal happens or not.

American Airlines (AAL) November $40 calls bought to open 10,000X with shares down 2.1%, paying $5.52 to $5.60 for the calls, the airline group down today, but bullish action remains active in the options.

Molson Coors (TAP) October $70 calls bought 3,500X to open at $3.70 offer, large trade, and follows the upside call buying yesterday. Molson Coors (TAP) now with a massive trade that buys 9,500 October $75 calls at $1.85

Altria Group (MO) bullish action for the second straight day with 4,500 July $43 calls bought at $0.42/$0.45 in the first 20 minutes of trading, 30 day IV rising sharply again with shares breaking out yesterday

June 10th, 2014

American Realty Capital (ARCP) with an opening buy of 80,000 January 2016 $12.50 calls at $1.05, traded vs. 3.84M shares, a name Marcato Capital is active in, and on 6-2 BAM started coverage at Buy with a $15.50 target. ARCP also has over 100,000 Jan. 2015 $12.50 calls in OI from large buys.

Coca Cola (KO) trades 12,500 August/January 2015 $41 calendar call spreads at a $0.72 debit, an interesting approach with shares trapped in a narrow $40.50/$41.25 range the last few weeks, expecting shares to stick around this level through August.

Kinder Morgan (KMP) with 3,500 July $80 calls bought to open at $0.75 offer, and shares clearing a long downtrend with $80.50 and $83 the next two resistance levels, a name with 30 day IV at 12.4%, cheap options. The $35.67B Oil & Gas MLP trades 27.97X earnings, 2.5X Book and yields over 7%.

22nd Century (XXII) shares moving out of a long base and the January 2015 $4 calls bought 2,000X at $1 as 1,375 June $2.50 calls are sold to close at $1.15. The $204M Biotech focuses on tobacco harm reduction and smoking cessation products.

June 9th, 2014

Industrials (XLI) roll out of 8,500 June $55 calls to the September $57 calls bought 8,500X to open at $0.75 offer

Walgreen Co (WAG) buyer of 16,100 January 2015 $75 calls at $5.55 offer to open, rolls from January $70 calls closed 11,100X at $8.15

Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) buyer of 2,100 September $13 calls at $1.55 to open, and with the big premium for IDIX this morning, expect to see more speculative action in small cap Biotechs for a M&A surge

Salix Pharma (SLXP) buyer of 2,000 July $120/$135 call spreads at $3.50

June 4th, 2014

Nike (NKE) spread closes 8,000 of this week $75 calls $1.25 and buys 8,000 of the June 27th (W) $77/$80 call spreads at $1.03 with earnings on 6/26.

Nuance (NUAN) with nearly 3,500 October $18 calls bought to open at $0.70 offer for more than $265K call premium, shares looking to clear $16.50 resistance

Walgreen Co (WAG) trades 10,000 October $90 calls to open at $0.45. Walgreen (WAG) with another large trade as 10,000 August $80 calls sell at $1 and 10,000 September $85 calls buy at $0.65. Walgreen (WAG) buyer of 60,000 October $72.50 calls to open $5.82, closes large July $67.5 call position

Sinclair Broadcasting (SBGI) buyer of 4,600 July $31 calls $1.40, rolls from the June $30 calls sold at $1.05. SBGI recently with a large buy of 3,000 July $32 calls as well.

June 3rd, 2014

Marathon Oil (MRO) buyer of 25,500 October $38 calls at $0.86 and 2,000 October $33 puts at $0.58, the Company sold its Norwegian assets yesterday and Barron's was out positive seeing 20% upside in shares

Hess (HES) buyers of 2,400 November $92.50 calls at $4.10 to $4.15, a name with notable bullish OI in longer term options already, and clearing to new highs

Energy (XLE) with a large block of 40,000 July $93 puts bought to open at $1.18 this morning

Hertz (HTZ) traded 5,000 June/July $29 call calendar spreads at $0.40 debit, may be rolling out the recent June call purchase

June 2nd, 2014

China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) unusual action trading more than 15X daily calls as 2,500 December $2.50 calls are bought to open in the $1.55 to $1.65 range, and 30 day IV jumps 23.7% today. MY shares have been strong on volume the last two weeks and looking to make a move back to March highs at $4.25. MY's Q1 earnings jumped 800% and sales rose 52%, an order backlog of 3.3GW. The $408.6M maker of wind turbines for China and India trades 0.9X Sales, 0.82X Book and 2.41X Cash.

Silver (SLV) looking to hold above $18 after recent weakness and leading bullish Deltas in the first 90 minutes of trading today, the January 2015 $20 calls bought 10,000X at $0.63 and the September $18 calls with a buyer of 3,000 at $0.91 offer to open.

Tyson Foods (TSN) more large buys of June $43 calls with 3,500+ trading, announced the superior bid for Hillshire (HSH) last week and traders paying $1.05 to $1.10 for the calls this morning. On 5-27 TSN October $42/$40 bull risk reversals opened 5,000X at $0.40 and on 5-29 the June $43 calls were bought 4,000X to open.

Textura (TXTR) bearish action trading 15X daily puts as 3,000 December $17.50 puts are bought to open $2.95 to $3.20. TXTR shares are off 8% today after rallying sharply off May lows the last few weeks. TXTR missed growth expectations last quarter and the $520.75M Software Co. trades 92.2X earnings, 12.2X Sales and 3.88X Book with 25.6% of its float short.