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VIX Rubber Band Reversion Setup

There are a lot of ways traders interpret the markets and the volatility that surrounds them, especially in bear markets like we have seen this year. The simplest way to gauge market volatility is with the VIX index. As a quick review the VIX is the measurement of...

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Intro to Using Fibonacci Trading Tools

What is the Fibonacci Sequence? Fibonacci numbers are popular in the world of trading for various reasons but mostly because they show sequential patterns similar to that of price patterns in markets. There are plenty of ways to utilize the ratios and numbers in the...

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Trading Poor Man’s Covered Calls

What is a Poor Man’s Covered Call? An efficient way to implement a covered call strategy while using less capital and reduced risk is to utilize the Poor Man’s Covered Call variation. This simply means trading a Long Call Diagonal Spread for a debit. In a recent post...

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What is Gamma in Options Trading?

What is Gamma? A few months ago I wrote some posts on  the first order common Options Greeks including Delta, Theta, and Vega. Be sure to read those first if you are newer or need a refresher. We went over the main Greeks in options trading that most traders are aware...

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Trading Diagonal Spreads

What is a Diagonal Spread? If you read the recent post on Calendar Spreads, you will understand how Diagonal Spreads work fairly easily as they are simply a cousin or variation of the calendar. A Diagonal Spread is created by buying a call or put option further out in...

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Iron Condors Explained

What is an Iron Condor? An iron condor is simply two credit spreads combined into a four legged spread trade. The iron condor is made up of a short put credit spread below the current stock price and a short call credit spread above the current stock price and ideally...

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Intro to Trading Calendar Spreads

What is a Calendar Spread? A calendar spread is a strategy using two options in different expiration cycles. With one option being long and the other being short using the same strike prices but in separate months, hence the calendar name. These spreads are opened at...

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