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Fundamental Ratios and Screening

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Fundamental Research

There are numerous resources to assist in doing fundamental research and it is important to remember true fundamental research is not just comparing ratios/metrics but utilizing all available information to determine the trend of the business fundamentals. Below are my favorites:

Sentieo – A complete platform that is comparable to Bloomberg. I have been using it for years and still have not even scratched the surface of all of the features. It is great for quickly looking up ratios, estimates, charting fundamentals, integrating news, reading documents such as transcripts, NLP Sentiment on documents, and so much more.

FinViz – One of the greatest free resources on the web although I pay for the Elite version that has more features and live data. FinViz is an excellent screener across fundamental & technical metrics and has well laid out company snapshots. It also has plenty of other resources such as news, charting, portfolios, insider activity, and futures market pricing.

Koyfin – Koyfin is a financial data platform that provides nice visualizations of fundamental metrics and has been improving its platform with a strong team in place. The user interface (UX) is best-in-class and although I have yet to find any real use-cases for it as I have it all in the aforementioned platforms, it is an excellent free resource.

Tegus – I have heard great things about Tegus, though yet to use it.