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Introducing Relativity Capital

Oct 27, 2016

Over the past year I have been working on a new venture which is now ready to launch.  Relativity Capital will be managing money for investors that seek a portfolio that is actively managed, quickly adapts to ever changing market conditions, and utilizes option strategies for optimal reward/risk trading.  For additional details about the Investment Process and Portfolio Strategies, visit

I will be working with Tommy Lackey (@gtlackey) who has a long history in money management and developed technical analysis and relative strength tools that mesh well with my fundamental and options flow strategies.  Tommy and I have been laying the groundwork for this since last year and have really honed in on a great process that will allow us to provide everything our clients need.  Initially, I will be in a consultant role providing specialized research/analysis that is the foundation for the Hawk Alpha Discovery Portfolio, before transitioning into a more active portfolio manager role as the fund grows.

I will continue to be fully devoted to OptionsHawk, providing daily coverage of the markets, and a variety of proprietary tools for traders.  OptionsHawk has developed into the best resource there is for traders, starting each morning with the Market Blitz, and finishing each day with the Recap Report.  During the trading day, the live chat is analyzing market activity and options flow in real-time, setting up both trades and investments for the short and long term.  We also provide technical set-ups, fundamental analysis, earnings strategies, and more.  The beauty of this new venture is that it is an easy overlap with my current process.  All of my trades that have allowed me to thrash the Index performances over the years come from the ideas I am presenting on OptionsHawk.  The daily work flow also keeps me disciplined, aware of all news and upcoming events, and constantly finding new trade opportunities in any market environment.  I remain firmly committed to continue to provide these services to those looking at investing DIY, and able to follow the markets live with me daily.  OptionsHawk can proudly say it has seven of the World’s top 20 hedge funds as clients, as these firms demand the kind of value-added analysis we provide daily for their trading.

This move for me personally comes for a couple reasons:

First, I have a long line of requests to manage money from both people I know and those I have meant through OptionsHawk over the years.  After posting more than 20% gains last year in a flat market I am returning close to 30% this year, and want to take my strategies to a larger scale.  I realize that the OptionsHawk product is tailored mainly to full-time traders that can monitor the markets daily like myself, and for many the sheer amount of information and analysis is overwhelming, so there was a clear demand to start a managed accounts firm where clients can take part in my top investment ideas.  Instead of venturing into Email/Text Alerts, Premium Twitter, and/or Autotrading, it makes more sense to go this route to provide a more professional investing solution.

Second, becoming a Father in April has really shown me the importance of the World’s most valuable asset, time.  I’ve put in more than a few hundred hour work weeks since starting OptionsHawk in 2009, and still spend way too much time at a desk generating value-added content, communicating with clients, and keeping the website updated.  Moving to the Buy Side I can more effectively manage time and instead of covering the market from a hundred different angles daily, I can hone in my process even further just to devote time to the top tier investment ideas, which should lead to even better performance.  In time it will also allow for us to add to our team of people at Relativity Capital so I can strictly focus on what I do best, finding great stocks and actively trading the market.  The ability to do this is in large part thanks to Alex (@WolfMetric) who I hired last year and has allowed me to divide up the work as well as having another smart financial mind to continue to develop and improve the offerings of OptionsHawk.

In closing, I am excited to start this new venture and be able to utilize my investment process/analysis to benefit clients.  If you are interested in having your investments actively managed, please visit the website and use the contact form:

On a final note, this will result in restrictions to what I can put on Twitter.  Clearly I will not be able to discuss positions, but plan on continuing to add value to the Fin-Twit community as allowed.

Thank You!

Joe Kunkle


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