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AppHarvest Inc

Sector: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Industry: Soybean Farming






52 week range:

0 - 0.0666

Market Cap:


Company Description:

at appharvest, our mission is to bring appalachia into the next generation of agriculture and employ the hardworking men and women in the region. we will develop large-scale hi tech greenhouses growing fresh vegetables for local communities in the us. the average us meal travels 1,500 miles by the time it reaches your plate and in many cases is imported from other countries. appharvest will be able to to deliver our fresh produce to the northeast, southeast and midwest of the us within a day's drive. appalachia has been hit hard. 1 in 4 individuals in eastern kentucky fall below the poverty line. the core of appharvest is built around a vision of employing the strong spirited individuals of this region. in the last decade produce imports to the us from mexico has tripled. national grocers and restaurant chains rely on these imports. appharvest is here to change that model and grow produce right here at home. our goal is to make central appalachia a greenhouse hub by supplying fresh pro