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Arcimoto Inc

Sector: Manufacturing
Industry: Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing






52 week range:

0.43 - 1.85

Market Cap:


Company Description:

about arcimoto: founded in 2007, arcimoto is a eugene, oregon-based company whose mission is to develop products and technologies that catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. the name arcimoto means “future i drive” and is the company and its customers'​ aspiration: to devise and adopt new technologies and patterns of mobility that together raise the bar for environmental efficiency, footprint and affordability. about the srk: arcimoto’s first vehicle model, the srk, is fun, cool, safe, practical and affordable three-wheeled electric motorcycle. the srk features tandem seating for two passengers, a full enclosure space frame, plenty of space for groceries, dual-motor front-wheel drive, and an optimal center of gravity. at an initial target base price of $11,900, the srk will be the first affordable plug-in vehicle fully suited to daily transportation.