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Inogen Inc

Sector: Manufacturing
Industry: Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing






52 week range:

9.88 - 32.01

Market Cap:


Company Description:

inogen’s mission to improve the quality of life of supplemental oxygen users began in 2001 when mae, a beloved grandmother, was prescribed oxygen therapy. learn more about mae’s story here: http://www.inogen.com/about-inogen/meet-mae/. inogen was founded based on our conviction that oxygen therapy technology was not keeping pace with the desired lifestyles of patients who depended on it to live longer, more fulfilling lives. we estimate that more than 2.5 million patients in the united states and more than 4.5 million patients worldwide use oxygen therapy. our compact, lightweight and travel-approved portable oxygen concentrators are designed to free patients from heavy tanks, managing tank refills or being tethered to stationary systems. we believe our products allow oxygen therapy patients to reclaim their freedom and independence so that life can be lived in moments, not in minutes left in an oxygen tank. with each step we take to improve our products and service, our customers take