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Moxian (BVI) Inc

Sector: Information
Industry: Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services






52 week range:

0.4279 - 1.8

Market Cap:


Company Description:

moxian - specifically refers to the ancient times used to connect the earth energy naturally point straight moxian,here, as if an energy linear magical series of social groups, consumer lives and businesses on the internet,allowing you to enjoy a wonderful fun online life line. can be obtained mocoin through what channels? use mocoins magic shot, magic flag prizes feedback entertainment applications, and receive a free luxury gifts. the moxian will give users free opportunity to users daily publish, like, comment friends letter, invite friends to join the moxian can get free mocoins! shopping and spending through the moxian platform to share experiences, to understand, has more trend merchandise;concern businesses, the friends of the formation of the friends group, to enjoy the most affordable and most taste shopping experience with people with shopping.