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Mersana Therapeutics Inc

Sector: Manufacturing
Industry: Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing






52 week range:

0.8014 - 9.62

Market Cap:


Company Description:

mersana is rewriting the rules for immunoconjugate therapies by leveraging our fleximer platform to create precisely targeted and highly tailored drugs that radically improve patients’ lives. our fleximer platform allows us to custom design an adc with specific properties to overcome limitations of current adc approaches and increase the drug’s chances of effectively attacking a particular cancer. we engineer immunoconjugates to deliver industry-leading payloads of an array of anti-tumor agents directly to cancerous cells, controlling when, where and how those agents are released. because we can safely deliver higher quantities of therapeutic payloads directly to a tumor, mersana’s adc therapies have the potential to more effectively treat broader populations of cancer patients while significantly reducing the side effects associated with many of today’s cancer treatments.