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Sector: Manufacturing
Industry: Automobile Manufacturing






52 week range:

7 - 24.43

Market Cap:


Company Description:

hello, we’re nio. the automotive industry is on the cusp of a profound change. our goal is to lead the way into the future with smart, electric and autonomous vehicles. our aspiration is make life better for millions of people around the world. our vision is to give people more time, to be everything they want to be. we are confident that we will be the first to deliver the next generation experiences in the car of the future. people demand a personalized experience with mobility, just as they have in every other aspect of their life. we believe that your car will be the smartest device you own and we are designing for the best user experience from the wheels up. our vision is a seamless experience between home, work and travel. autonomous cars will be your safe, living space. we are committed to bring you this reality. our goal is for your car experience to exceed expectations. nio will be a part of leading to a more sustainable tomorrow. want to be a part of this? join us!