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Rekor Systems Inc

Sector: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Industry: Payroll Services






52 week range:

3.09 - 25.38

Market Cap:


Company Description:

Rekor provides real-time, customer and public safety intelligence to enable AI-driven decisions. Rekor bridges commercial and government sectors with actionable, real-time vehicle recognition data to enable informed decisions faster and with greater outcomes. Rekor is transforming industries like Public Safety, Customer Experience, and Smart Cities in approximately 80 countries across the globe with smarter, quicker, cost-competitive vehicle recognition solutions for security, revenue discovery and recovery, public safety, electronic toll collection, brand loyalty, parking operations, logistics, and traffic management. The Company uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze video streams and transform them into AI-driven decisions by its clients. Its machine learning software can turn most IP cameras into highly accurate and affordable vehicle recognition devices used to help protect lives, increase brand loyalty, and enhance operations and logistics, without the need to install expensive new infrastructure. Rekor makes what was once considered impossible, possible.