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Weibo Corp - ADR







52 week range:

6.47 - 13.22

Market Cap:


Company Description:

the company focused on providing value information services to the sap freelance consultant. information type such as tech and job and so on. free consultant sap demand the latest developments, sap technology to share, to share experience in sap, sap information exchange, sap training information, sap, a freelance consultant interaction. 1, sap lecturer if you are willing to engage in the education sector of the sap, you can join the sap training institution, and be a respected sap consultant. external consultants or free advisers often do a period of time due to their family or other reasons can be turned into internal consultants, relatively stable, not long on a business trip. 2, internal consultant sap module supports all sap users to provide related technical and functional support and support, responsible for the improvement and integration of sap testing, support for key users and / or other users for training / testing, data query and reporting, data processing including statis