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Earnings Snapshots

The Earnings Snapshots are available for purchase and will feature a set of earnings previews with the Fundamental, Technical, and Options outlook per stock. Each Snapshot will also be accompanied with an Options Strategy to consider based on the analysis, and some will be directional while others will be volatility-trades.

These trade ideas are to be self-managed as there will be no follow-up, and each user must take full responsibility of the trade, and only take action on trades that fit his/her risk profile and are comfortable trading.



Open Interest Reports

The OptionsHawk Open Interest Report is a detailed report on 50 stocks that have notable Institutional positions in Open Interest for expirations in the second half of the year. The report is a must-own for anyone looking to know where the Smart Money is positioned in the market and also takes into account quality fundamentals, technical momentum, and key catalysts. At the low price of $99 if you find just 1 trade idea in this report it will likely pay for the cost 25-fold, and all 50 stocks are actionable based on the analysis provided.

Reports will be available for download after payment.  Please then save the file to your computer as the download limit is set.  No Registration Required!



Annual Market Outlook

The OptionsHawk 2021 Stock Market Outlook is packed with investment ideas for the year ahead. More than 100 hours of work was put into this project and is a fantastic resource for all types of investors.