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2024 Stock Market Outlook

2024 Stock Market Outlook – Available Now!

The OptionsHawk 2024 Stock Market Outlook is packed with investment ideas for the year ahead. More than 300 hours of work was put into this project and is a fantastic resource for all types of investors.

The report is full of actionable trading ideas with value-added content, so I am charging a one-time fee of $225 for the full report.  The research in this report will be relevant for all of 2024 and will be a valuable resource for years to come.

After purchasing the report you will receive a link to access the report, and can save it for printing/reading. Please save the report after accessing as the link will only work for a limited time.

$225 $300

Actionable trading ideas
Value-added content

What’s Included?

S&P 500 Technical View and Analysis with All Key Levels In Focus for 2024 and Forecasts

Complete Overview of Market Sentiment, Macro Picture, and Fundamental Outlook into 2024

Gold and Oil Technical View and Analysis

Sector and Industry Breakdowns – An in depth look into every sector/industry and its top fundamental investments.

Top 35 Long Investment Ideas for 2024 in Large and Mid-Cap Stocks with Entries, Targets, and Stops

Top 25 Short Investment Ideas for 2024 in Large and Mid-Cap Stocks with Entries, Targets, and Stops. Also, with each short idea is a “Better Option”, a similar company in the industry that is a better long for those investors interested in Pairs Trading.

Top 35 Small Cap Picks for 2024 a Focus on Growth at a Reasonable Price with Entries, Targets and Stops

Top 50 Micro Caps for 2024

Top 25 Diversified International Stocks to Own

A Diversified Portfolio of 12 High Yield Stocks to Own in 2024

Top High Beta Stocks for 2024 with a Focus on Top Growth Plays in Strong Trending Industries

Hidden GemsTop 12 2024 Stocks that are Hidden Gems (Trade < 100,000 Shares per Day)

Technical MomentumA Look at Top Bullish Technical Set-Ups into 2024 in Individual Stocks

Top M&A Candidates for 2024

Contrarian Stock Plays for 2024 – High Short Floats with Strong Earnings Momentum and Fair Valuation

Notable 2024 Options Open InterestLarge Institutional Trades in February 2024-Jan. 2025 Open Interest.  These highlight 100+ stocks that have ‘smart money’ trades in open interest, positions of size to be aware of because these large trades in the options market have historically preceded large stock moves.  I also provide notable put sale positions in open interest, which generally act as a floor for stocks.

Seasonality FocusA detailed look at seasonality trends and how to time the rotations within each sector.

Insider FocusA view of top insider buys from 2H23 and analysis of where insiders were buying last year.

2024 Market Outlook

Intro, Macro, Sentiment/Breadth Indicators, Valuations, Central Banks, Bonds, Market Technical, Fundamental Outlook, Sell-Side Projections/Commentary, Gold & Oil Outlooks, 2023 M&A Review and 100 M&A Candidates for 2024

This section includes a look at the S&P 500 technical outlook and a table of key resistance and support levels as we enter 2024 as well as a Roadmap scenario for key inflection points in 2024. This section also includes an in-depth look at various market sentiment and breadth indicators and identifies key trends in the indicators for key market inflection points. It also highlights various volatility and options sentiment indicators. It then dives further into Macro indicators looking at key economic data and various index/surveys as a gauge of the macroeconomic outlook. There is also a section dedicated to Central Banks & Fixed Income. We then look at market valuation and fundamentals with S&P targets and forecasts for earnings.

Furthermore we provide a brief summary of the S&P 500 targets and investment outlooks from a number of top investment banks. We then feature a section on the fundamental and technical outlooks for Gold & Oil. Lastly, we review the 2023 M&A market and highlight all of the deals that took place as well as identify 100 candidates for M&A in 2024 based on our screener.

Top Stock Portfolios & Industry/Sector Breakdown Section

This section includes the Top 35 Investment Ideas for 2024 in Large/Mid-Caps with Entries/Targets/Stops, Top 25 Short Ideas for 2024 with a “Better Option” provided for Pairs Trading, Top 35 Small Caps for 2024 with Entries/Targets/Stops, Top 40 Micro Caps for 2024, Top International Stocks to Own in 2024, a High Yield Portfolio of 12 Quality Stocks, Top 5 High Beta Stocks for 2024, 8 Contrarian Longs for 2024, and 12 Hidden Gems for 2024.

It provides a concise write-up on the Top 35 Investments,  Top 5 High Beta, Top 8 Contrarian, and 12 Hidden Gems.

This section also includes extensive sector breakdowns featuring 180 industry groups looking at key trends, important metrics for analyzing, the 2024 outlook, commentary from management of the key companies, and informative infographics while also identifying the top names in each industry group.

Insider, Seasonality, Technical Charts & Options Open Interest

Further we take a look at featured insider trades in 2023 and there is then a section dedicated to stocks showing annual seasonality trends and trade set-ups to catch these seasonal moves. We then identify some key technical momentum charts on the weekly time-frame setting up healthy into 2024.

Lastly, we take a look at notable options open interest positioning for February 2024 through January 2025. There is also a featured section for notable put sale positions in open interest that have historically acted as support for stocks at the given strike.