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Hawk’s Vision

OptionHawk’s thoughts on markets, finance, trading, and life.

A Tribute to Monroe

This will be the hardest thing I have ever written but I want to celebrate the life of our Yellow Lab, Monroe. It may be hyperbole for some to say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but not for me. She lived a long adventurous life and was a major part of our family,...

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OptionsHawk 2020 Option Day Trading Challenge

Some of you may have seen my post earlier this week regarding a new challenge for 2020 involving flipping option contracts intraday as a way to add daily capital gains without any overnight exposure. The experiment involves roughly $5000 capital outlay positions and...

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Sports Betting and Stock Trading, One in the Same

Two of my biggest passions are sports and the stock market.  Growing up playing sports taught me a number of life lessons and many that I apply to investing in the markets.  Competitiveness is important, such a strong desire to win that you are willing to work long...

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Personal Finance: Breaking Down a Family Budget

I typically focus most of my efforts and time on investments and want to find more time to write educational and insightful blogs on that topic, but first wanted to start with a topic that hits home with everyone. There have probably been thousands of articles on the...

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What If You Only Traded One Stock?

This was an idea that came to me this weekend while watching Football.  My two main passions are football and the stock market, so I like to relate the two as I always see similarities, in the end, both are about winning.  Football is an intricate sport getting eleven...

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