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This page will host a collection of our equity & options research. Feel free to review the various categories and stay up to date with our most recent reports. We are also integrating a ticker search and over time this will become a great resource for company analysis as we migrate over years of our research write-ups. Content unlocks on a predetermined schedule, but if you want access to our content live to capture these opportunities I suggest taking a look at our subscription plans.

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Company Profile: Otis (OTIS)

Otis (OTIS) with a $20.9B market cap was recently a spin-off from United Tech (UTX) and is a leading maker and servicer of elevators and...
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Company Profile: Ecolab (ECL)

Description Ecolab (ECL) is a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources.  They deliver comprehensive programs,...
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Company Profile: Repligen (RGEN)

Repligen (RGEN) is a $3.3B provider of advanced bioprocessing technologies used I the process of making biologic drugs.  Its customers are mainly large biopharmaceutical companies...
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