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Unusual Call Buys in Small Cap Wireless Infrastructure Play with Unique Business

by | Nov 4, 2021

Radius Global (RADI) seeing some more unusual call buying with 2200 of the February $20 calls for $0.55 which follows the February $17.50 call buying on 10/21 where open interest has risen to 2650. RADI has a very strong weekly trend with a bull flag pattern that is starting to break higher and measures to an upside target of $21. RADI will report on 11-10. RADI is one of the largest international aggregators of rental streams underlying wireless sites through the acquisition of wireless telecom real property interests and contractual rights. RADI purchases the right to receive future rental payments generated pursuant to an existing ground lease or rooftop lease between a property owner and an owner of a wireless tower or antennae. The triple net ground, rooftop and other real property interests enjoy contractual rent growth, long duration, and low churn with high-quality counterparties. The portfolio is attractively levered; able to drive leverage of 8-9x rent with a weighted-average cost of < 4% on most recent tranches. RADI benefits from the same tailwinds as tower companies, with a similar financial and growth profile. RADI has a $1.3B market cap and revenues have grown at a 27% CAGR and trades in-line with Tower stocks on EV/ NTM TCF. RADI has a vast opportunity to consolidate and acquire land interests.