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    Technical View:  

    The S&P’s technical picture really did not change last week as stocks did finish the week on a 3 day losing streak, but closed just above the 8 day EMA and well above the 13 day EMA. The volume profile shows that a move below 2,104 sets up for a re-test of the 2,078 level which also happens to be where the rising 20 day moving average comes into play, and minor price support also exists at 2,090. Resistance is at the recent high of 2,120 which is also an extension off the December highs, so a new channel up pattern may be forming. RSI is likely to find support near the 50 level is the market starts the weak lower. A move back above 2,115 sets up for new highs to at least 2,130 with 2,140 and 2,155 other target levels.


    The latest AAII Sentiment Survey showed bullish sentiment down 1.6% to 45.4% and bearish sentiment up 2.4% to 20.3%, so narrowing the wide gap noticed last week, though still at overly bullish levels with a 25 point spread compared to the historical 8.5. The NAAIM Exposure Index came in at 99.23, the highest reading seen since December 2013, which is concerning from a sentiment angle. The latest fund flow data showed $1.5B on weekly inflows to equity funds, a small number as it attempts to reverse all of the outflows seen in January. As of Friday’s close 322 new highs compares to 86 new lows, still strong participation, while 67.9% of stocks now trading above the SMA50 and 59.8% above the SMA200. The CBOE Equity Put/Call closed the week at 0.64, in the middle of its recent range, while Index Put/Call elevated at 1.56. NYMO finished the week at 8.76, a market neither overbought nor oversold. NYSE Summation continues to grind higher, finishing at +643, and until this falls below its 5 day moving average, no real reason for caution. NYSE Cumulative TICK continues to show strength beneath the surface, while the VIX:VXV ratio is back near low levels that previously coincided with market tops the past few months.

  • Daily Freebies

    March 5th, 2015

    eBay (EBAY) opening buyer 1,000 October $62.50 calls at $2.90. EBAY buyer 3,000 May $60 calls $2, rolls out of April $57.50 calls.

    RSP Permian (RSPP) trading 25X daily options as spread sells 2,000 June $25 puts to buy 2,000 June $30/$35 call spreads

    Sea Drill (SDRL) buyers of 10,000 Jan. 2016 $8 puts at $1.40 to $1.50 with shares trading $10.80, looking for further weakness for the offshore name that is likely to slash its dividend.

    ZIOPHARM (ZIOP) buyer 4,000 April $14 calls at $2.40, rolls up April $8 calls sold at $6.05

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    * Closed Applied Material (AMAT) Calls +50% on 2/19

    * Closed MasterCard (MA) Calls +86% on 2/19

    * Closed Aglient (A) Call Spreads +117.65% on 2/18

    * Closed United Tech (UTX) Calls +190% on 2/13

    * Closed Pepsi (PEP) Calls +83.78% on 2/11

    * Closed Alcoa (AA) Calls +86.15% on 2/5

    * Closed BlackBerry (BBRY) Put Spread +40% on 2/2

    * Closed Abbot Labs (ABT) Calls +50% on 1/29