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Arconic (ARNC) Sees Bull Call Spread Bought After Earnings

Arconic (ARNC) buyer for 4000 October $32/$40 call spreads today at $1.65 as the aluminum name sees dip buyers after posting better than expected earnings…


August 3, 2022

Dollar General (DG) Shares Coiling in Tight Flag with Breakout Nearing

Dollar General (DG) shares squeezing tight and MACD seeing a bullish cross higher as an inside day formed Tuesday at the upper end of monthly…


August 2, 2022

New EV Maker Sees Opening Put Sellers Call for Bottom

Polestar Automotive (PSNY) weak action since IPO in June but seeing opening put sellers for 3,000 January $7.50 puts sold aggressively on bids at $1.76 and…


Citi (C) Forming Tight Bull Flag After Earnings Surge

Citi (C) shares flagging into the 8 EMA the past week after a blowout earnings report last month sent it surging above 50. Now ready…


August 1, 2022

Farm Fresh Food Producer Sees Aggressive Call Buyer Ahead of Earnings

Vital Farms (VITL) jumped with 3500 October $12.50 calls bought at $0.90 up to $1.00 as IV rises sharply. The stock is reporting earnings this…


Zoom (ZM) Coiling in Tight Wedge Forms Inside Week

Zoom Video (ZM) shares are coiling in a tight wedge pattern and formed an inside week candle as well as inside day Friday. A trigger…


The Mouse House Sees Bulls Visit as Price Action Clears Value

Disney (DIS) buyers today for 1700 August $111 calls for $1.43. Also DIS October $115/$90 bull risk reversal opening 3400X at $1.08 debit. A stronger…


July 29, 2022

Unusual Call Buys in Software Company with Upside Optionality

EngageSmart (ESMT) unusual buy 2500 August $20 calls $1.10 where 2000 recently bought, reports next week, limited history for the $3B electronic health record and…


Take Two (TTWO) Inside Day Candle Sets Up Flag Breakout

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) shares flagging tight on top of the 8 EMA and monthly value high of 130. Inside day formed today and a trigger…


July 28, 2022

Bull Flow into Transports Earnings with Positive Peer Results

XPO (XPO) IV rising into next week earnings with buyers active for 3000 August $57.50 calls and selling the $65 calls, seeing strong reports across…


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